Sports Injury Rehab

Being injured while playing sports can frustrating but the good news is that we at Riverside Chiropractic and Wellness Center of Vero Beach are here to provide sports injury rehab from a “chiropractor near me.” We can help treat a number of issues with chiropractic care options that can help give you the opportunity to heal and get back in the game. If you're in the Vero Beach, FL, area and looking for help with joint pain, or you're interested in sports massage or dry needling, we've got you covered. Our chiropractors are here to help.


Joint Pain Support and Extremity Adjustments

If you have a sports injury that's affecting your joints and extremities, we can help you heal and move more freely again. Joint pain can stop you from playing a sport you love and can also make it difficult for you to do other things in life. Along with joint pain, you may find that you have discomfort in your extremities. Extremity adjustments from our chiropractors can not only reduce pain in your joints but can also help your extremities move more easily.

Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy

Two ways to help improve your condition during sports injury rehab are dry needling and trigger point therapy. Both of these are targeted treatment options, designed to encourage circulation and relax tense muscles. Increased blood flow to the area can help with faster healing and getting muscles to relax can make it easier for a chiropractor to adjust the area.

Sports Massage for Mobility Issues

Mobility issues are another reason to seek sports injury rehab from chiropractors. If you need a sports massage to improve mobility and increase your comfortable range of motion, we're here to help you get proper treatment. Playing sports comes with injury risk, but you can help get the right treatment and support by working with a chiropractor today.

Get Sports Massage, Dry Needling, Trigger Point Therapy, and Extremity Adjustments for Mobility Issues

Get in touch with us today if you're in the Vero Beach, FL, area and seeking help with sports injury rehab. At Riverside Chiropractic and Wellness Center of Vero Beach, we understand the value of getting back to playing a sport you really enjoy. Whether you're playing just for fun or you have a whole team counting on you, there's nothing like getting involved in a sport and feeling healthy and strong. We're here to make that easier for you. Call us at (772) 563-2900 for chiropractic care from a “chiropractor near me.”

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