Chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment that helps patients alleviate muscle and joint pain in various parts of the body, such as the neck, head, and back. If you live in Vero Beach and have been suffering from chronic pain, chiropractic care can be an excellent alternative treatment. Riverside Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers various services in Vero Beach, FL. These are the services you can receive at our chiropractic clinic.

Auto Accident Treatments

A chiropractor can treat you as soon as you're involved in a car accident. They can realign your spine to reduce your back and neck pain and perform massages to address the resulting inflammation. You should visit a chiropractor within two weeks after the car accident because if you wait too long, the pain could progress to chronic pain, which will take longer to treat.

Spinal Decompression

This is a gentle procedure that chiropractors offer to people with neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and herniated or bulging discs in the lumbar and neck areas. The chiropractor will gently apply force to your spine to decompress it. This procedure helps enhance blood circulation and promotes the transportation of nutrients to the injured region. You can experience pain relief after about 6 to 10 spinal decompression sessions.

Dry Needling

Chiropractors use dry needling to relieve pain and address movement problems linked to myofascial trigger points. During this procedure, a chiropractor inserts thin needles into the trigger points in your body or around them. The needles revitalize your muscles, making them twitch or contract.

Sports Injury

A chiropractor can treat athletes after they experience an injury while playing or practicing on the field. A sports injury chiropractor can help you avoid damage or assist you during recovery after an injury. Some treatments they can provide include aligning joints, relieving pain without medicine, and assisting you in understanding how your body performs, which boosts productivity. They can treat injuries such as tennis elbow, tendonitis, lower back strain, runner's knee, joint stiffness, and hamstring injuries.

Weight Loss

Many people struggle with losing weight, and being overweight or obese can cause health issues such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Therefore, you may aim to achieve a healthy weight for a fulfilling life. A chiropractor can help you reach this goal by realigning your spine to reduce lower back and neck pain. With the pain gone, you will be able to perform various exercises easily.

As you know, losing weight requires a combination of exercise and a healthy diet. A chiropractor can also create a customized nutrition plan for you, which can further help you lose weight or refer you to a nutritionist. Chiropractic adjustments also help improve communication between your body and the brain and the functioning of your metabolism. A slow metabolism can lead to weight gain, so when your metabolism improves, you will quickly lose weight.

Family Chiropractic

A family chiropractor can treat patients of all ages, including children and teens. They can help them relieve pain and aches using treatments other than medicine. Some treatments that can benefit the entire family include localized soft tissue massage, traction, electrical stimulation, and hydro-massage. Massage has been proven to treat numerous issues such as arthritis, jaw disorders, sinusitis, sleep apnea and insomnia, stress, pain, range of motion, circulatory issues, injuries like strained muscles, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and myofascial pain.

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